Central Arabia

Photo Credit: (Florent Egal)

Rock Art of Central Arabia

Musayqirah – Graffiti Rock 1

The site is a sandstone rock standing just 200 meters from the main escarpment that creates a natural dam blocking the flow of water and probably contributed to the formation of a lake when the climate of the Arabian Peninsula was more humid.

Thus, Musayqirah invites visitors to use their imagination to figure out how this arid place once looked when green and populated with several species that today are extinct.

There people carved animals and human figures for about 10 000 years.

Carving Musayqirah

Photo Credit: (Florent Egal)

Lyre Shape Horn Buffalo

Photo Credit: (Florent Egal)

Water Buffalo Carvings

Photo Credit: (Florent Egal)

Oldest Carvings of Central Arabia

The Horizons Tours can also bring you to some more confidential rock art sites like the oldest carvings of central Arabia, including a representation of a water-buffalo with lyre-shaped horns that is unique in this part of the Peninsula.


The area also hosts some pre-Islamic and some early Islamic inscriptions that are rare in this part of the country.

Historical Inscriptions

The region of Riyadh was also the place of major historical events during the 5th and 6th centuries CE that saw armies from ancient kingdoms of Yemen that conquered carving in the rock the tales of their conquests in an ancient South Arabian script that has today disappeared.

Quartz Fields

Saudi Arabia has a great variety of geological features which is revealed by the absence of dense vegetation in most parts of the country. Around Riyadh the most fascinating is probably a quartz outcrop covering the plain over 30 km². The result is a white colored ground that makes the desert look like the aftermath of a fall of hailstones. The Horizons Tours can bring you to the best viewpoint on this majestic landscape.