Dahna Dunes

Photo Credit: (Florent Egal)

Anyone who knows Saudi Arabia associates it with vast red sand deserts. What they imagine of the Desert of Old Arabia is still intact especially if you travel deep into the center.


If you are seeking what you quintessentially associate with the Arabian Desert, the vast and golden mixed with red sands of Ad’dahnna Desert are worth exploring in the company of enthusiasts who are passionate about showing you what they know of its serenity, quietness and beauty, Its sun shine, sun set behind the waves of cascade sand dunes in addition to a night sky packed with stars far away from light pollution of the nearest cities or towns.

Ad’dahnna is an ancient name of this particular red sand desert still in use by Saudis,, the closest definition found in classical Arabic is “Falat” which means spacious sand desert that has no water and vegetation.


Ad’dahnna extends up to 1300 km – 800 miles, southward from the northeastern edge of Al-Nefud Al Kabeer (another huge sand desert north of Arabian Peninsula where Rally Hail is organized) to the northwestern borders of the Al Rub’ Al Khali or The Empty Quarter (yet another huge sand desert), thus, Ad’dahnna links the great two sand deserts of Saudi Arabia.


This desert varies between its northeastern to southwestern borders reaching up to 50 miles. The area of its huge dunes or “Irq” (vein) plural “Uruq” extends up to 40 to 80 km in width!

Stunning Fact: Some of its huge dunes height varies between 1500 to 2000 feet.

Ad’dahnna climate is intolerable during summer especially during the daytime when the heat can be over 50 degrees. Except for the Bedouin inhabitants and their herders who look after the camels and sheep, no one can cope with such heat. In winter it can freeze dropping below zero requiring lots of fire wood, a tent and thick warm blankets to keep warm. But you will be comforted by fresh sizzling delicious traditional meals warming you up and giving you the joy of winter camping. There will also be some dune bashing with extreme vigilance to avoid the vehicle rolling over or getting stuck in soft sand. Only experienced drivers with a number of 4x4s will be used on such trips.


Book with us, let us show you this marvelous experience especially in winter. We take all the necessary requirements starting from all car related stuff as each car are fully equipped with water tanks, radios for group communication, compressors and recovery equipment (two strap etc). For those who need camping gears The Horizons Tours shall provide upon request.

Sunset on the Star Dunes

Photo Credit: (Florent Egal)

Dahna Dunes on Star Desert

Photo Credit: (Florent Egal)