Ha’il World Heritage Site I

Photo Credit: (Florent Egal)

Hail region is rich with ancient historical monuments, the most significant discovery was in 2001 by a Saudi Archaeologist (Saad bin Abdulrahman) 320 km western of Hail the most stunning open museum of Rock Arts was found in “Rata & Manjour” mountains near a small village called As’shuwaymis which became the second “World Heritage Site” in Hail.


The carved drawings of humans, humans in action for hunting animals, animals such as Oryxes, Ibexes and Antelopes in addition to archers and men with long spears over camels and horses sometimes, are detailed with the finishing that is so incredible by the artists of that time, there is beauty everywhere that one can enjoy in such places since the wadi which surrounded by the two mountains “Rata & Manjour” is offering that through its sandy terrain after hard lava field that had been kinda prepared with easy tracks that leads to the scattered Rock Arts sites that one needs to look at, examine as surely would miss such astonishing petroglyphs soon afterwards. 


We know some people who visited the site several times but each time they couldn’t cover all the sites worth peeking into!



Stunning Fact:

These ancient unbelievably accurate drawings “Rock Arts” are dated 12-14 thousands years, which means had been there since the three eras of Stone Age! Centuries and Centuries ago!

Other places worth seeing in western Hail, the ancient Rock Arts and inscriptions found in an isolated mountain which dates back to 10,000 years with inscriptions from first Islamic century whilst one could see clearly the carved drawings of water-buffaloes! Rare to see in Arabia which means there used to be lakes and strong humidity ideal for such creature to live in the Arabian Peninsula as experts noted.

The explorers of The Horizons Tours had figured out how to make your tour in sequence so that you won’t feel bored and each two hours max will surprise you with a stop to start your hiking in history. The trip to western Hail consist of at least five major sites including a famous open land called ” Al Qaa “a battlefield which one of the longest tribal wars that lasted for 40 years took place more than 17 centuries ago. Through secret shortcuts The Horizons Tours will waste no time of tour participants to get to way-points on schedule to make a memorable weekend for them.


Visiting As’Shuwaymis requires an approval before hand from SCTH which may take up to two weeks prior to group visit.
Number of participants: Must be no less than 9 people.